Provost Message

Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar
Provost, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Symbiosis International
( Deemed University )

Innovation and a passion for excellence has now become a second nature for all of us at Symbiosis. These two derivatives well justify the establishment of the Symbiosis Centre for Health Skill (SCHS).

Symbiosis has a proven track record in the field of education with management education being its flagship. With changing times, Symbiosis diversified into other education arenas like computers, law, information technology, Geo-informatics, etc. Health Skills is yet another need based domain which Symbiosis has tapped.

Healthcare Simulation ‘is a technique to replace or amplify real-patient experiences with guided experiences, artificially contrived, that evokes or replicates substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive manner.’ As an educational strategy, simulation provides the opportunity for learning that is both immersive and experiential. This in turn makes healthcare professional patient ready and ensures patient safety! Simulation is not designed to replace real clinical encounters, but to act as a reliable adjunct to the process of learning. Healthcare simulation has been a major player in sharpening the clinical skills and competencies of healthcare professionals while promoting patient safety, for advancing patient care. It helps create better professionals who are less likely to commit errors in patient care

The excellent infrastructure, experienced faculty, and high to low fidelity simulation facilities are all here to harness your potential and help you to play a pivotal role in the health care delivery system.