About SCHS:-

Symbiosis Centre for Health Skills is a multidisciplinary educational facility that provides training for skilling, up-skilling, and re-skilling of healthcare professionals using part-task trainers, and high-tech Simulation. It provides competency driven teaching, along with training and assessment, for healthcare professionals across all cadres in both clinical and allied specialties. The broad objective is to align with the National Agenda of Skill Development, Government of India, to create a robust and vibrant eco system for quality education and skill development to ensure optimum healthcare delivery. SCHS enjoys the coveted dual status of an International Training Centre (ITC) of the American Heart Association and a “Chapter” status of the International Trauma Life Support Organization, USA.

SCHS has been recognized as an approved site to conduct the Advanced Trauma Life Support India Program, a course of the American College of Surgeons, and has collaborated with the Royal College of Surgeons, England, to conduct the Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skill Course (BSS) and Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCrISP®). SCHS has collaborated with the Neurocritical Care Society (NCS), USA, to conduct Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) courses and with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) to conduct Basic and Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSO & ALSO) courses. SCHS has trained 1.5 lakh healthcare providers till date.