Chancellor Message

Dr. S.B.Mujumdar, M.Sc., Ph. D.
Founder & President, Symbiosis
Chancellor, SIU

Symbiosis has a proven track record in the field of education with management education being our flagship. With changing times, Symbiosis has diversified into other education arenas like computers, law, information technology, geo- informatics, etc.

Given the paradigm shift which the health care sector is experiencing health skills probably represents the most ideal field for Symbiosis to innovate. It is a domain where there is a constant need to keep-abreast with latest knowledge and continuously review, analyze and upgrade competencies with the help of modern equipment and technology. The ample opportunities which the health sector presents by way of skill development & research further rationalizes the establishment of the Symbiosis Centre for Health Skills (SCHS).

I am sure Simulation- Based Learning experiences will address most of the issues related to conventional teaching-learning-assessment method and help health care providers to play a pivotal role in the healthcare delivery system of the future.

I wish you an enriching and rewarding experience in times to come.